Over 15 years, we have always found your advice balanced, informed and helpful, clearly expressed and easy to understand because you avoid the jargon to which the financial sector, like experts in many other fields, are liable. Under your tutelage our assets have grown well, in some instances very well, in good times – and damage has been quickly contained in bad times. The few mistakes we can recall arose from ideas we had ourselves!

A Hunter

I am writing to thank you for your help in guiding me through the pension maze and calming my fears when the value of my plan plummeted a couple of years ago. If I had not taken your advice then I know my pension pot would have been worth far less than it turned out to be. I an1 grateful for you steering me away from making a foolish decision in my moment of panic.

MC Player

Now enjoying retirement, we’d like to thank you not only on us reaching our destination but on making the journey such a straight forward and enjoyable one.

Pete & Penny